Downing the Fiber Drink during your Cleanse

Drinking a thick fiber drink can seem like a challenge, but it’s a piece of cake (figuratively speaking) if you do it right!

Fiber DrinkIf you want to drink Fiber Drink alone:

  • It actually tastes good, as long as it is mixed well while you are drinking it
  • Upon shaking it you have about 7 seconds before the mix will sink toward the bottom, you need to make sure to chug the drink
  • Absolutely do not use any plastic bottle (that a 20 oz coke cap would fit on), the spout is too small and you will not be able to finish it quick enough.
  • The recommended way is using the Advocare Blender Bottle

The best alternative, while sounding gross, is to mix it with the shake.

  • The shake covers the taste up COMPLETELY
  • The thickness of the drink is almost expected by your brain because it is a shake, so it doesn’t feel gross.

Another alternative is to try the other flavor (Peaches and Cream or Citrus)

Lastly, split it in to two servings.

What do YOU do?


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